As the story goes, Kylie Jenner was ‘over-lining’ her lips to achieve that more plump than ever, matte, nude pout that essentially solidified her spot in pop culture.  She didn’t have many of us fooled that the plump, pucker was actually coming from JUST lip liner, but what she did do was make the matte lip look more popular than ever. In fact, she made it so popular that she caused a shortage of the product when she finally announced what she was using! She was using a lip liner as an all over color to get that trendy, matte look.  BAM! Just like that, Spice from MAC was sold out! 

Love her or hate her, Kylie Jenner made a huge impact on the beauty trends of the last few years. The matte lip look is here to stay, and I for one am a fan. 

Here are some of my favorite reasons to use lip liner as an all over color. 

It tends to lasts longer than regular lipstick

You get more color options when you throw liners in the mix

It gives you a truly matte option

You get 2 uses out of one product! Bonus! Yeah, lip liner is great as an umm…liner, but it gives you that same long wearing, non-feathering color when used as an all over color.   

Check out my video on how to make this look work for you!

Using Lip Liner as a Matte Lippie