Raise your hand if you’ve ever tried to apply a pair of false lashes for a night out with high hopes of looking like your favorite Kardashian, only to end up looking like a drunken muppet?  Ok, who really knows what a drunken muppet actually looks like but in my head it’s not pretty. You know what I’m sayin!


Here are my favorite tips to make applying falsies a quick and painless process!

Size Matters.  

Not all eyes (or lashes) are created equal. Make sure you trim off the extra length of the strip lashes before applying.  It will save you from looking all kinds of cray.

Be Tacky!

Your glue that is. Some people apply the glue directly to the lash strip.  I like to lay a bit out on my hand so that it gets tacky quicker and I have more control over how much I am applying. Then I take a cotton swab to

Dangerous Curves Ahead.

Curved lashes are SO much easier to apply than when they are straight.  I like to take my new lashes and connect the strip ends to turn them into a little lash crown and get a good curve on ’em.  You can also wrap them around the end of a makeup brush for a few to get that curve going too.

Flip out!

When placing the outer edge of the lash angle it upwards a bit.  When you angle them down or straight they can make your eyes look droopy. Angling them up a tad will open up your eyes and give you more of that sexy look you’re looking for.

Watch my Youtube video to see my tips in action!

How to Apply Falsies Like a Pro