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Which F-word are you thinking of?

I’m talking about FEAR. ¬†More specifically, Fear of Failure.

You may or may not know this about me but I am lucky enough to be a mentor and coach to over 100 gutsy women in my network marketing business–so on a daily basis, I am speaking with women about chasing their dreams. ¬†One of the biggest surprises that I have run into, over and over again, is how scared we are as women to fail. ¬†Actually, the fact that we are afraid to fail isn’t completely¬†surprising to me, I share those fears too. ¬†But what really blows me away is fact that so many people are so scared to fail that they won’t even try something. ¬†So… you’re telling me that you are SO afraid that you might POSSIBLY fail that you won’t even ATTEMPT to do it…even though it’s something that you WANT. ¬†Wait, what!?!

There is a part of me that understands the idea of this, but it always surprises me¬†that people would chose to live in fear, rather than step out of that and truly push themselves to accomplish amazing things. ¬†I suffer from¬†anxiety and always have, but I have also always instinctively known that when I feel that nag of anxiety and fear set in that I just have to beat it. ¬†I have to win. I refuse to be paralyzed by those feelings. Maybe I’m just too dang stubborn!

The other thing that people tend to forget is, failing does not equal failure. If you’re not failing, you aren’t pushing yourself. Failing is essential for growth.Don’t fool yourself into thinking that by sitting back and not going for what you actually want in life, that you are saving yourself from failing.¬†Failing to try is the biggest example of failure there is. It’s failure by default….and that’s not what makes you grow.

Let’s all make a pact. During this week, when you feel that fear of failing or trying something new, give that fear the middle finger and don’t let it stop you! Push through the fear and be proud that you didn’t let it control you! I bet you’ll like that feeling.